Your Education Doctor empowers parents with the knowledge and strategies to successfully navigate the complexities of their school systems for the benefit of their children.  Dr. Meryl Ain’s blog, website, and professional services provide her proven prescriptions to make schools more accountable to children’s needs.

In order to empower parents, Dr. Ain shares the knowledge, experience, and prescriptions for success that she has acquired during her many years in the trenches and at the top levels in pubic and nonpublic schools.

The mission of Your Education Doctor is to help parents become better advocates for their children and more effective and informed partners with their schools. Dr. Meryl Ain, a seasoned school administrator and teacher, offers practical advice and strategies to enable parents and schools to work together to promote the academic, physical, emotional, and social development of all children. Her passion is to share her knowledge and experience of caring practices to ensure that all schools operate from an ethic of caring – understanding and meeting each child’s needs with respect and sensitivity.  The goal of Your Education Doctor is to help parents make the schools more accountable for the benefit of their children.

Your Education Doctor provides a wide range of professional services to parents and interested individuals, groups, professional organizations, and schools.  These include:

  • Customized speaking programs
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Individual and group consultations
  • Complaint investigation and review
  • Customized research
  • Professional writing and research services: articles, speeches, presentations, newsletters
  • Advocacy services
  • Special programs and event promotion
  • Community relations
  • Crisis management
  • School budget strategies

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